Percussionist/ Conguero/ Tom-Tom Drummer seeks to form duo (Snow Hill)

Greeting, Jim the percussionist, conguero and tom-tom drummer, hands 'n sticks. Congas, tom-toms, djembe, turbo crash and too many cowbells. A veteran of open mics, drum circles, subbing, Go-Go music, blues duos, busking (parks, gazebos, streets, yards and backyard BBQ's) and the (very) odd four plus hour jam.
I'm seeking a musical partner for a double act to put our stamp on all sorts of music. An offering of an unofficially mad side project to make informally mental music.

Nothing is strict. I'm not a foogin' tyrant, too tiring, too much paperwork, too lazy. Eh? That's why a simple two headed partnership. ONLY. 50-50- equal. Cut back on band politics, eh? A side project for a bit of fun. I'll travel a bit if there's a musical fit.

I will drum for blokes, folks 'n mates who want MY drumming and I will drum if I want to.

SEEKING OTHER MEMBER- Guitarist WHO SINGS- Your playing should be more creative than carbon copy. The right one should be ready to bring their own style and put their own stamp on the song. Be yerself. The odd wrong note and musical wander is happily welcome. Don't be afraid to be a bit reckless, imperfect, play outside the box and have fun. So, if you are loyal, drama free, team player/partner step right up, lets see what ye got-how we sound together. You take the lead- I back you up with the beats on the side. An equal partnership. A nice professionally bonkers full time-part time side project. Duo of guitar and conga to muck up all types of tunes, songs, styles- blues up some others. Like the "Two-Man-Wrecking-Crew" blues duo Lightning Malcolm and Burnside. Or the original duo, Moreland and Arbuckle. Or White Stripes, Black Keys. Just a rough idea of a template to be sorted. The sound would be ours. It can be done. If you want it. Basically do what we want with a laugh and hit the open mics and parks, parties and pubs.
My musical CV as a "substitute for another guy " drummer pick up bloke is- varied. Very varied. Very. So 'r my general influences.

WHAT YOU GET- I am grizzled, aged, disheveled, veteran pick up percussionist, improv jammer, slash note, player who plays by feel. If you love metronomes, drum machines or dig a single pencil tapping a table top is the only and best-of-all-drumming- STOP READING NOW. KINDLY SKIP TO SOME OTHER DRUMMERS PROFILE. NO WORRIES. YOU MIGHT BE GRAND-YET WE WON'T GET ON. AT ALL. DREADFULLY SORRY, best to save on me short time. And yours. I'm a bit rock-blues-a'billy- orchestral. One generously sloshed open mic patron stated " You're like if (Keith) Moon was a thousand fingered conga player." Other various favourites, Ray Cooper, Poncho Sanchez, Sam Clayton, Bill-the Drummer, Giovani Hildago, Zigaboo Modeleste (Meters), DJ Bonebrake, Bobby LaKind, Fish (Fishbone), Rich Hayward (Little feat), Gene Krupa, catching on with the style? Oi, that lot.
Give it a go. the worst it could get is weird.
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Yes I rock hard. Hard. Very. Nothing overtly gentle 'bout my congas. I can also be a softy and nicely and gently play the song- not the drums, I'm very flexible with due respect to the song. Remember, not a tyrant OR a pushover. Yet, I play my hand drums like I'd play an traditional kit. Second line, thunder, bass line, hold the line, cross the line, accent the tune with colour, drive the song, be the heartbeat, backbeat, mellow brushing, play behind (ala Ringo) or just cease me gobbing and skiv off. Or go full on ape poo if desired or dared. If you LOVE A METRONOME, DREAM OF DRUM MACHINES, IF YOUR MUSICAL ROMANCE IS CLICK TRACKS-then I'm the chap running away in the opposite direction. If a second line or fill or roll, minor time change throws you off the musical cliff into next tea time Tuesday, well, sorry, wrong fit. Full respect to you 'n yer fine talent, craft 'n gift..yet.. but..mnn..NOT IT.

I'm the human element, a drummer that can react and play off and with your style with my style. Call and response jamming intertwining of instruments. A team. Something differently familiar. Invent and interpret things a-new. Even the done to death tunes, perhaps. Eh?
Can be available, rather quickly, with decent flexibility, days are best, nights good, yup to weekends.
Bored 'n bothered by the above..or disinterested entirely..I get it that's fine. Only request, let me know, either way-Yup or Nope, so I can move on and go solo or retire. Yet still much love, peace and respect for you all nonetheless. Good luck-good life. Very best, cheers, happy music making to you lot.
Respectfully 'n Cheers,

B5; British -Basque-Buddhist -Beach -Bum

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MY KIT- congas, djembes, snare, standing kick bass, skinned tambs, other tambs, other drums oh buggar, loads 'n loads of loads.Eh? NO clicks, no buttons and my metronome (that is partly smolderingly burned, with stab splintered gashes and two bullet holes and a hammer stickin' out of it) does not seem to work. It fell off a table.

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