Pair of Parakeets (Queen Anne)

Meet Marbles (blue and white, female) and Sonny (blue/green, yellow face, male).
They are not tame and probably never will be. I have had Marbles for about a little over year and Sonny for about 6 months. They are not very peopley and tend to run/fly away when I clean their cage or change their food. Occasionally I can get them to eat from my hand. I bought them both from Petco and I really think that these big brand pet stores do more harm than good for some of their animals. I got Sonny to give Marbles a friend because she seemed lonely, and in the hopes of making it easier to tame. They will need A LOT of work if you want to try and tame them but in all my efforts I’ve had no luck.

They really are very lovely birds. They are so beautiful, I love to watch them play and hop around, hear them twitter in the mornings and evenings, and just be the beautiful little birds they are. They are usually allowed out of their cage to fly around and explore during the day. I only cage them at night so they don’t attempt to fly around in the dark and get hurt. Thankfully they don’t leave poops everywhere because they mostly perch up on top of their cage. I am only rehoming them because I have had some major life changes recently and can no longer give them what they deserve.

They MUST go together. They are bonded and I think separating them is a bad idea for their mental health. There is a rehoming fee and they will come with their cage and everything in it as well as their bath (it’s just a shallow plant dish I have sat next to their cage), seed, and treats.

Serious inquiries only. I’d prefer a home without cats or dogs that might have a prey drive.

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